• I’ve always loved books. My favorites as a child were Little house in the Big Woods and Miss Twiggly’s Tree. The illustrations of Garth Williams inspired me from the first moment I discovered them in the Little House books.

    As with any artist, I started very young. I never liked using crayons, only pencils. I filled many sketchbooks with drawings of pioneers and Native Americans. My mother is happy to say that I never drew on a wall until I painted a Harry Potter mural on my son, Kiyon’s, wall. The mural is based on Mary Grandpre’s cover for the first of the Harry Potter series. I borrowed that book from my nephew, loved the illustrations so much, I then bought it. J.K. Rowlings’ books pull her readers into a richly painted world that many kids and adults dream of inhabiting. I love that about children’s books. It’s why this is my chosen field. The chance of creating a new world out of pure imagination excites me. Reading a book is the cheapest way to travel and you don’t even have to pack!

    I also want to reach out to more people with messages of hope and inspiration through greeting cards and licensing. To inspire others, to bring a smile to their faces is my motivation for working in this field. I look forward to working with you on projects that reflect this philosophy.


  • You can also see behind the scenes and process posts on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/laurazarrin/

    For publishing inquiries, please contact me at laura@zarrindesign.com

    I am not interested in self publishing projects at this time and I will not respond to this type of query.

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