• Laurel writes fiction for 9-to-12-year-olds. In 2012, she moved to Bonn, Germany where she enjoys the organic apples, half-timbered houses and exploring with her daughters and husband. Visit her website for more about Trouble With Parsnips, a fairy-tale mash-up of Ella Enchanted and The King’s Speech or to join her Reader’s List. You can also find her at The Winged Pen.


  • HOW TROUBLE WITH PARSNIPS GOT STARTED: In school, I was the girl who didn’t sharpen her pencil because she didn’t like going up in front of the classroom.

    The pencil sharpener is too noisy! Everyone will look at me.

    For years, I didn’t know what my teachers looked like, but I have the tile memorized. TROUBLE WITH PARSNIPS is about a much braver and more inventive person, the kind of person who looks up and sees everyone.

    As a grown-up, I went to a Toastmasters International club that helps people learn public speaking. At the time, I was a Girl Scout Leader, so our Troop tried everything out at our meetings. Nobody looked at the floor. After a while, the girls ran the whole meeting. It was cool.

    So I started writing about a princess who didn’t think she could ever give a speech.

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