• Laurel Latto is a pre-published children’s book author and illustrator.  She is a member for the San Diego chapter of SCBWI.  Laurel attended
    the University of California at San Diego where she obtained a B.S. in “Biochemistry
    and Cell Biology” with a visual arts minor in “Film & Video” in 1995.  

    In 2001, she volunteered her illustration skills to “Share
    the Care” (sharethecaredental.org) which is a dental health awareness
    initiative to help create a teacher’s manual called “Oral Health Arts and
    Crafts”.  The non-profit used her illustrations in two other publications.  In February 2003, she was honored as “Volunteer
    of the Month” by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

    Laurel has continued to work on creating new fine art.  In
    2005, Laurel created inspirational cancer art for emotional wellness of patients, caregivers, and medical staff..  In
    2007, she incorporated the idea into a 501(c)3 non-profit called “DonnaBellas Angels” (donnabellasangels.org.)  Its motto is “Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul”.  The non-profit provides inspiration art for
    public benefit through the donation of
    art prints and art royalty use.  The
    non-profit has an international distribution and her art is featured in many prominent
    cancer clinics across the United States. 

    In 2013, Laurel started a new art
    project called “Awareness Gallery” (awarenessgallery.com) which focuses on art
    featuring awareness ribbons with angels, butterflies, and hearts.  

    In 2015, Laurel has taken a renewed focus on children’s
    books and is looking forward to pursing work within the industry as a picture
    book illustrator and/or writer.  She is working on picture books plus middle grade fiction and non-fiction.

    Laurel’s in art is available through her business, DonnaBellas.com

    Laurel continues her volunteer work with DonnaBellas Angels, as well as, bringing awareness to animal rescue.  She also is a website and social media volunteer
    to a cat rescue (bbmhrescue.org).  


  • I enjoy working across a variety of media including watercolor, gouache, pastel, acrylic, pencil, and photography.  A unifying theme across my art is a preference for saturated colors.  I frequently use a wide array of colors in the image creating mini rainbows.  I also enjoy exploring shape and form when creating black and white or gray scale images.  In those art pieces, I am looking for shape harmony within the space of the film, canvas, or paper.  I create art that ranges from realistic to abstract art.  Within the viewer, I hope to create unity of being moved by the beauty of shape, form, or color.