• Born in Philadelphia, PA, (where my first childhood art influence was Cartoon Corners General Store, a local children’s TV program) my family moved to Florida when I was eight. I studied art at Maryville College, in Marville, TN and after graduation I moved to Atlanta, GA where I worked as a paste-up and graphic artist. I eventually went out on my own and began doing freelance art and illustration work, and have been doing that ever since. Several years ago my husband and I returned to Florida so our daughter could have the same kind of beach kid childhood I had. On the art front: the first book I had the opportunity to illustrate was “Out To Pasture” by Effie Leland Wilder but it wasn’t until 2006, with the publication of “If A Dolphin Were A Fish” by Loran Wlodarski, for Sylvan Dell Publishing (now called Arbordale Publishing), that I got to fulfill a life-long dream to draw for children. I have had the pleasure of illustrating 9 children’s books for Arbordale, and 1 for Pelican Publishing, and am putting the finishing touches on book number 11. Books and art – what could possibly be better! Any place where words and pictures meet. And sometimes… the picture says it all.


  • I love the art of Art, taking words and thoughts and abstract concepts and bringing them to visual life. I am obsessive about research and enjoy approaching a project from new and unexpected directions, going above and beyond what is asked and pushing my creative ability to find ideas that may have been overlooked, or not even originally considered.  Realistic or whimsical, Nature, Science, History, Mythology, Animals, and People. Whether working in B&W #2 pencil, color pencil, paint, ink, or scratchboard – the right image, in the right style, can illuminate, enhance, clarify, explain, or entertain.  I love a challenge.

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