• I have been lost in stories for as long as I can remember. In 2014 a friend, tired of hearing my listless longings to be a writer, gifted me a book on crafting children’s books. One of the first bits of advice was to joint SCBWI. Was it luck or fate that I was living in L.A at the time, so near to the annual conference? I don’t know about luck, but at that moment my life changed. I have a Master Degree in a health related profession, but don’t worry, I’ve never let that stop me. I have witnessed life’s most emotional and visceral signposts. Those ten year spent in a health care profession have woven intimately into my work. More than anything I consider myself an empathetic thief, stealing tidbits where ever I can find them. 


  • I’m dedicated to my imagination and sense of wonder. My greatest hope as a writer is to excite curiosity and awaken astonishment. I hope to create a nostalgia for treasured places and ideas while highlighting the eternal thread that connects us all.