• I am a professional photographer, with a background in sociology and international documentary photography. While my full time occupation is now wedding photography, my first loves are drawing and painting, storytelling, and exploring the human condition. When I’m not making art and running my photography business, I’m also mom to one spunky girl, two dogs, and a cat, as well as wife to a very patient man. I am based just outside of Boston, but escape to the woods and lakeside of New Hampshire whenever given the opportunity.


  • Since I could hold a pencil, I have loved creating characters. Quirky, cute, funny, scary, or sad, I enjoy discovering the qualities that make individuals uniquely and distinctly themselves. I’ve always been a daydreamer with a big imagination, so I love imagining whimsical creatures and fantasy lands just as much as I love exploring themes related to the world we inhabit, and the socialemotional realities we face as humans. My greatest hope is to make the viewer feel. Whether it’s humor or tenderness, sadness or irrepressible joy, I know that my work is a success when someone feels it first and foremost, allowing the viewer to enter into another person’s outer world and inner life.


    My artistic influences range from Norman Rockwell and John Singer Sargent, to Alphonse Mucha, and photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson. When I illustrate, I want these characters to feel as though the viewer has caught them mid moment, and that they could jump off the page, continuing what they are doing at any momentAesthetically, I love to combine the magic of childhood imagination and whimsy with an infusion of classic “Americana” nostalgia.