• A native Texan, Dede attended the University of
    the Americas in Mexico City and graduated with a BA in English from Washington
    University in St. Louis. She earned an M Ed in Supervision from SFASU. She
    continues her writing education with In Print Houston, SCBWI, and Highlights
    Foundation workshops.

    A former public school teacher and librarian, Dede
    teaches with Houston’s Writers in the Schools and is the Artist in
    Residence at the Bryan Federal Prison Camp for Women. She also serves on the
    Montgomery County Literary Arts Council and the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance.

    In her free time, she plays with Truman and Lincoln, her identical twin grandsons, and Charlotte and Jocelyn, her delightful granddaughters.


  • “Writers slip out of their own

    skins into someone else’s.

    They live many lives.

    That’s my plan,

    to know many people and

    have adventures in exotic places

    so I have something to write about,

    experiences far from my stifling

    life in southeast Texas where nothing

    but bad weather ever happens.”

    spoken by Diana Greene, Dede’s protagonist from Broken Wings

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