• Liliana Erasmus was born on June 3rd of 1974 in Aruba and is still living on this happy island together with her husband, son, daughter, cat (who thinks he’s human) and surrounded by a bunch of iguanas. From an early age, she had a passion to write, she just didn’t know that people could become writers or illustrators. She wrote her first article for the school’s newspaper when she was six, won her first prize ever when she was nine with a children’s magazine ‘Letter of the Month’ and had pen pals (remember those and the snail mail era?) from all over the world.

    When Liliana’s first book was published in 2003, she discovered a way to encourage the children of Aruba to read by writing, illustrating and publishing literature they could relate to, in their native language Papiamento. There was a great need for original publications and Liliana didn’t know where to start. In 2004 she founded the Fundacion Papiamente foundation together with two friends, to promote the pleasure of reading in Aruba and to produce quality reading material. Apart from creating awareness on the importance and joy of reading, she published an ABC book for her island, picture books, radio plays (from which an audio-book is published), chapter books, concept books, poetry, rhymes, raps and songs. She’s hoping to add many more stories to this list and who knows, maybe even a children’s musical someday.

    Since 2007 Liliana’s been expanding her wings and is happy to be writing for the children of The Netherlands and Belgium. She believes that by giving children from all around the world new experiences, writers are not only breaking their own boundaries, but most importantly, they’re broadening many horizons, including their own.
    Liliana Erasmus feels blessed to have been brought up on an island where the people communicate in four languages – Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish. She wants to relate to different cultures by learning, writing and sharing as many stories as possible.


  • “You Do Not Know What Is In You–An Inexhaustible Fountain Of Ideas.” – Brenda Ueland