• I was shortlisted for the AOI annual London Transport Poster competition for 2019.

     My poster was on display in the  LondonTransport Museum from February to July
    It is called Bunny about Town and was inspired by an article I saw in a newspaper the year before about a real live rabbit travelling alone on buses and trains.
     It was a nice surprise to be picked and have my picture exhibited . The poster seemed to make people smile and it had a very good response. 

     I have done a few follow up pictures of Bunny on his travels. I have always loved drawing and any artistic pursuits.
     As I have depression and arthritis I don’t go out an awful lot, which can get quite miserable, but drawing pictures that make  other people happy helps me to feel  a bit better. 
     I am not always consistent due to health reasons, but I will try to keep the continuity and inspiration going and produce more art to  keep us all smiling.


  • Creativity keeps me sane.