• Lisa Amstutz is the author of more than 150 science and history books for children and co-author of an adult book on local foods. She specializes in topics related to science, nature and agriculture. Her background includes a B.A. in Biology and an M.S. in Environmental Science/Ecology.

    Lisa’s work has appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers. She also offers mentorships as well as picture book, resume packet, and nonfiction proposal critiques. Visit her website at www.LisaAmstutz.com for more details.

    When she’s not writing, Lisa may be found puttering in the garden or enjoying a cup of tea and a good book. Lisa and her family live on a hobby farm in rural Ohio that they share with Daisy the dog, two ornery goats, one black sheep, and an assortment of poultry and cats.

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