• Hello! I’m Lisa.

    I am an artist, illustrator, designer and story maker living in Houston, Texas.

    Armed with an overly active imagination and a business degree from The University of Texas at Austin, my sketchbooks are brimming and my record keeping…could be much better.

    After a brief stint as an IT analyst in the corporate world, I decided to pursue my creative dreams full time and I regret nothing! 

    I spend my days designing rainbow worlds and painting cheeky characters with my two cats.

    I spend my evenings designing pillow forts and painting thirty toes with my two daughters and one bemused husband.  


  • I love candy colors and iridescent sparkle and tongue in cheek. 

    Great with puns. Bad with idioms. 

    My work strives to connect with young viewers through humor, whimsy and a ton of sass.