• LISA A. CRAYTON, the co-RA of SCBWI’s MD/DE/WV Region, is an expert in the
    area of nonfiction writing and boasts a diverse communications background that
    spans nearly three decades. Her experience encompasses corporate publication
    management; writing books, articles, fillers, bible study guides and other
    material; freelance editing; ghost writing; e-magazine publishing; and mentoring
    writers. In other endeavors, she has served as fiction judge for the renowned Christian Book Awards, taught workshops
    at conferences and has years of ministry experience. More specifically:

    AUTHOR. Under contract to write two nonfiction children’s biographies releasing
    in fall 2016, she is the author of Reading
    and Interpreting the Works of Toni Morrison
    (2016), I Want to Talk with My Teen About Money Management and A Student’s Guide to Toni Morrison. She
    has also served as a contributing author for several other nonfiction books, including as the co-author of six children’s nonfiction books on financial
    literacy/economic topics (2016).

    former corporate editor and writer for multi-million dollar companies, Crayton
    is a freelance editor, working with diverse clients. For more than five years,
    Crayton also published Spirit-Led Writer,
    an online publication twice named by Writer’s
    as one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers.”

    more than 10 years, she served as a mentor with the Jerry B. Christian Writers
    Guild and mentored beginning and intermediate nonfiction students.

    Crayton teaches workshops and continuing sessions at writers’ conferences
    across the country, and has also served on faculty of a Canadian event.  She has also taught at other events.

    EDUCATION. Crayton
    earned her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from National University
    (2012). She earned her Bachelor of Arts, dual degree, cum laude, in Public
    Relations and Journalism from Utica College of Syracuse University (1985). In
    December 2014, she completed Regent University’s Digital Media certification