• Liz is most rewarded by a good book, positive company and the great outdoors. She favors green, hates horseradish and tolerates doing dishes. She lives with her family and a rotation of wild-animal pets (currently a speckled tadpole named Gidget.)

    Her earliest memories are of drawing ‘Baba Yaga’ chicken houses and crushing dozens of Hidden Picture Books on family commutes to ski Killington. Her childhood favorite author is Roald Dahl whose idea of children smelling of “dog droppings” (The Witches) still provokes her inner-child chuckle.

    Liz writes under the pen name, Ski. An appropriate abbreviation given her Polish ancestry and earlier career as a competitive alpine ski racer. When she is not pulling her hair-out over her website; Ski is usually playing or creating something: a mess, a craft, a meal, a memory, a retreat, a picture or… a book.


  • Liz believes in conquering fears, learning from mistakes and being a beginner. With that said, underdogs have her utmost admiration, as do characters that act on their dreams instead of idly dreaming them. As an illustwriter she works mostly in pen and ink, with a digital finale and is currently experimenting by including analog and acrylic paints within her illustrations. Admittedly, her work is a “hot mess on purpose” as she is forever exploring the craft and her role as endless new beginnings!