• Lorin Morgan-Richards is an author and illustrator, known mostly for his YA fiction. A fan favorite is his series The Goodbye Family about a family of eccentric undertakers living in the Old Weird West with their daughter Orphie who oversees the town of Nicklesworth as their sheriff.

    “Lorin Morgan-Richards charts the paths of weird clouds that pass far overhead and then maps the changes that their rain makes on the lives of people living below.” – Dark in the Dark Magazine

    Lorin Morgan-Richards has a unique tone and style all his own, and the stories are told in a fashion that pulls the casual reader in with wonderful fancy and the magical quality of good story telling. The high quality illustrations are rendered in sharp crisp lines and add to the wonderment instilled by these fanciful tales.” – Macabre Cadaver Magazine


  • “My filter tends to be cut ups of what is around me blurred into my own feelings and interests of the Victorian era.”

    On ideas: “I try to get out and about, especially new places to let the environment inspire me. I start an illustration of a building I see and then the elements of different characters will populate in my mind like a set and actors on a stage. If nothing comes up I continue to draw until something unfolds.”