• Lou Minns writes MG & YA and is the ARA Member Services for SCBWI BI. She has been a member since 2011 and received an SCBWI Outstanding Contribution Award for her role as
    Features and Events Editor for Words & Pictures in December 2015. Lou has
    been lucky enough to live in Sydney and California, where she was the Social Media Co-ordinator for SCBWI San Fransisco North & East Bay. Lou returned to the UK
    Aug 2016. 

    SCBWI has been an invaluable network for Lou, both professionally and
    socially. Lou has made lifelong friends through SCBWI and if they each stretch
    their arms wide enough; their fingers might just touch as they span the globe.

    Lou has taught in high schools and as a tutor at Keele
    University. Lou has also been a programme co-ordinator, briefed MPs and
    keynotes, organised events, been a company director, and dabbled in amateur
    dramatics.  She occasionally makes rather
    fancy cakes.