• Lydia Lukidis is a children’s author with a multi-disciplinary background that spans the fields of literature, science and theater. So far, she has over 40 books and eBooks published, as well as 30 educational books. Her latest STEM related books include The Broken Bees’ Nest and The Space Rock Mystery.

    Lydia is also passionate about spreading the love of literacy. She regularly gives writing workshops in elementary schools across Quebec through the Culture in the Schools Program. Her aim is to help children cultivate their imagination, sharpen their writing skills and develop self-confidence.


  • “I always encourage children to continue reading and writing, because it expands their horizons and helps develop their creativity. For me, the magic is in the written word and in the limitless world of imagination. I would like to ignite these passions in children and help keep literacy alive.”

    Author Lydia Lukidis

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