• My name is Mackinzie and I’m a freelance illustrator living in Iowa City, Iowa with my husband, three rambunctious kiddos and an old doggo. I am proudly represented by the Bright Agency. I’m a self proclaimed picture book addict, I will never, ever have enough book shelf space.

    I am passionate about illustration. I love using textured style, well intentioned color palettes and quirky accents. I adore styling my characters and especially enjoy illustrating animals, food and other pieces inspired by nature.

    I’m a digital artist and my favorite tools are my 6B pencil brush and dry ink brushes.

    I make art for children’s books, stationary, textiles, home decor, and the gift market.


  • Hello! I’m Mackinzie, an artist who works digitally in Procreate. I love creating quirky characters and scenes using texture and a well intentioned color palette. I strive to create beautiful things and my hope is that each piece I create brings a light and joyfulness into the world.

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