• Manelle’s love of art and stories began with the books and movies she enjoyed as a child. It was a happy day when her mom finally let her get her own library card. (Then she accidentally ran it through the washing machine, but that’s another story.) Her love for storytelling had only grown as she found ways to share ideas through illustration and writing. She received a bachelor’s degree in illustration from BYU-Idaho and since then has illustrated many children’s books both working with publishers and through self-publishing.

    She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two cats named after the weather.

    See Manelle’s work at www.manelleoliphant.com


  • When I’ve wondered about my love of stories, example after example came into my mind of how they have connected me to people I love.

    Stories also connect us to people we’ve never met. They teach us things we’d never otherwise know. They add depth and love to our lives. Stories are amazing. 

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