• Maria Jesus Cuesta is a creative soul. During her childhood, she won some Art Competitions and was enrolled in Art Studies with different teachers. After several years working for an international software corporate, she decided to change her career and get back to writing and painting.

    She published her first picture book in December 2016 “Los Piratas en Japón”. She has also illustrated 2 picture books for 2 American authors and accepts comissioned work. 

    Last April 2016 she won the award in the contest of Short-Stories organized by Librería Dragón Lector. And October 2016 she was finalist in the short-stories contest Julio Gallego.

    She lives in Spain although she often travels around the world (both for business and pleasure).


  • Those who don’t believe in magic,

    will never find it.

    Roald Dahl.

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