• Once upon a time in a far away land known as New York, there lived a girl called Little M, who spent much of her time outside in the backyard on a rope swing, in the woods, and occasionally playing video games. Her grandmother loved to paint landscapes and would often set up a little painting area for Little M to copy the landscapes that hung on her walls, letting her use brushes and oil paints. And Little M grew to love art. She began to copy the drawings out of her comic books and painting Disney characters on her bedroom walls (with her parents permission of course). As she grew she continued to draw and paint, and one day she found her self a freshmen in art school at The Art Institute of Boston. She nurtured her love of the fantastical and curiosity for everything, while filling sketchbooks with characters and ideas.

    Now much older (but still little), she resides in Harvard, Massachusetts, and is the wife to a very creative guy, mama to one little boy and one husky.  And has found herself returning to her love of writing and illustrating picture books.