• I am an editor, writing teacher, children’s author, and illustrator. I have been editing children’s books and teaching writing since the late 1990s. I am on faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Continuing Education and teaches Writing for Children’s Books, Writing Chapter Books for Children, and various writing and revision workshops. I work in a freelance editorial capacity for a number of small publishers. I am a member of Book Editing Associates and the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and have been active SCBWI member for ten years.

    I am currently writing a contemporary middle grade novel and illustrating a picture book. In January, 2017, I will join an Antarctic expedition as Outreach Person and Resident Artist/Writer. 

    An an editor and writing teacher, I believe in not only developing and editing the work of my clients but teaching them to become better writers, equipping them with knowledge they will need as they continue on their journey, while keeping the integrity and unique voice of each author’s work. I am passionate about all sub-genres of children’s books and find it almost impossible to choose which I prefer: editing, reading, or writing. I will happily tackle texts in rhyming verse. I provide: 
    • Writing instruction & mentorship 
    • Copyediting & proofreading 
    • Developmental/substantive editing 
    • Correct formatting for submission to publishers and agents 
    • Editing & development of cover letters & query letters (free with any contracted service) 
    • Critiques 
     • Help understanding the submission process 

    Specialty—Children’s books: 
    • Picture books 
    • Poetry, including rhyming verse 
    • Submissions for children’s magazines 
    • Chapter books 
    • Middle grade novels 
    • YA  
    • Children’s non-fiction 
    • Fantasy 
    • Illustration, illustration and design critiques, & advice for aspiring illustrators. 

    “Marlo … is a far greater editor than any I have ever worked with. She did far more than simply read and comment upon my text, as others have done. Marlo worked with me extensively to develop my characters and plot into something of incredible beauty and fluidity. She dedicated her time to my novel, often working late into evening and in the early hours of morning to complete her task. Marlo took my book beyond the extraordinary. She has an instinct and passion for the fine and poignant; a talent for enriching even the most ordinary of text. She breathed new life into every word, every line, every striking sentence!” Michelle Izmaylov


  • My style is primarily a mix of detailed pencil work and digital oil painting. I am currently illustrating my picture book entitled Space Frog and seeking representation.