• I am the Founder of Caribbean Books
    Foundation, an international platform that connects the Caribbean
    Community and its Diaspora through Literature. See www.caribbeanbooks.org for
    details. I work with authors to promote their work and I also offer editing and
    sensitivity reading services for Caribbean themed books of all genres and age appropriate
    focus groups sessions.    

    As the Regional Advisor for the
    Caribbean South Chapter of the Society of Children Book Writers and
    Illustrators, I am committed to the promotion of children’s literature.

    I am a member of the Writers Union,
    The Artist Registry and Women in Art of Trinidad and Tobago.

    I am
    self-published. I not only write but I illustrate all my books – “Aunty Marsha
    Children’s Books and M. Mckie’s romance and fantasy Fiction all get a creative

    I would like to open a Santa’s
    workshop in the Caribbean one day.

    I am married with one child.


  • I come as one but stand for ten thousand. … I am Woman.

    Founder, Caribbean Books Foundation

    RA, Caribbean South