• My first love has always been illustrating. With different career choices behind me, illustrating has always been there. When I have strayed and chosen a different path, it has patiently waited for me to commit to it fully. Being an artist isn’t a job, it’s an extension of who I am. 

    As an illustrator and graphic artist for 20 years, I’ve worked for a park system, an ad agency, a screen printer, and a disc labeling company. Since 2001 I have worked for my hometown library. I enjoy everything about it, especially the children’s books!

    I enjoy writing poetry, collecting children’s books, reading and gardening. I also like to fuss with the small pond I built in my backyard. My favorite season is fall, and my favorite place is Cape Cod!



  • A large portion of my art centers around creating “Tree Spirits,” there is something very spiritual about a walk in the woods, and I incorporate my love of nature in every tree, rock and stream that is put into my artwork.

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