• I was raised in rural Alaska where I lived the quintessential Alaskan lifestyle without electricity, indoor plumbing, or running water as well as chopping a lot of firewood to stay warm.

    In 1991 I moved to Anchorage, Alaska (the “big” city) and attended college. I returned to college later to get my degree in education. For more than 20 years, I have worked with both preschool and school age children. 

    In 2019, I published my first picture book, Pedro’s Pan: A Gold Rush Story. This story is unique and fun as it is told from the viewpoint of the gold pan. It has been a great journey with so much support in my region and beyond.
    In 2023, my second picture will be coming out, Ed and Max Ride to Nome, another true Gold Rush story about a man named Ed who rode a bicycle over 900 miles down the frozen Yukon River in the winter of 1900 in an attempt to beat other prospectors to the Nome Gold Rush. Max (the bike) tells the story of the perils of the trail and his worries of being left behind when conditions become too great for him to go on.


  • I think humor and empathy are two things our world needs more of. I try to write stories that are fun, if not funny, and also express the thoughts and feelings that the kids of my classroom deal with every day.

    I want to write books that people love to read out loud and forget for a moment everything else going on around them. I want adults to feel like children again and children to lose all their cares, if only for a moment.

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