• A Wisconsin writer with a Southwest soul, M. K. Wiseman can generally be found wandering happily amongst the pages of the largest book she can get her hands on. Books have always been her passion and M. K. likes to say that she “hopped the counter”, transitioning from librarian to author a few years back. Additionally she is proud of her heritage, performing (for more years than she’ll let on) with a Croatian folk group out of Milwaukee. 

    You just might see her living the dream at local steampunk events around Wisconsin, talking of wild inventions and mad plots.


  • I solemnly promise never to grow up.

    An avid reader, I most like to write the stories that ‘fill’ those holes in my copious bookshelves… To that end, I am a full-on fantasy and steampunk geek, with a touch of the sci-fi. Amongst the Browncoats, I have found my tribe.

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