• After earning an illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, I spent my first 8 years after college as Technical Director on a very popular animated series.  But during those 8 years I fell in love with Street Painting. It snowballed, and I had the opportunity to paint in places I never even dreamed of.  During my 20 years as a free lance street painter and muralist, I was awarded Gold medals and 1st place awards in Europe’s most prestigious competitions, including the title of Maestra Madonnara (Master Street Painter) in both Italy and Germany.

    In 2012, my husband and I founded We Talk Chalk  a 3D street painting company.  Since its inception, we have created over 900 paintings throughout the world.  While street painting is still a love of mine, I’ve found a new passion for my roots in illustration and what has always made my heart sing – creating wonderfully whimsical worlds that you can escape to.  So you can usually find me in my studio (my very happy place) painting at my easel, illustrating on my iPad, or in illustrator creating a new pattern collection.

    I believe you can create what you love, spread positivity, and inspire beauty in the world.   And…if you’re anything like me, you enjoy spending your free time in a beautiful space full of inspiration that is authentically you.  I love the idea of helping others create their ‘happy place’ too by creating feminine and wonderfully whimsical imagery for any surface.  But my most magical dream is to create wonderfully whimsical picture books that families will treasure.