• Well written words and vibrant visuals drive me. So does my love for creating new things out of a dreamy imagination.

    My talented mother taught me drawing and painting at a young age. Like her, I favor watercolor for its light-filled, natural feel.


  • Collect All the Colors

    I can still remember the birthday when I got a Crayola crayon center – this glorious plastic pyramid that spun in a dizzying array of every color every made. That same sense of wonder and possibility and play wiggle their way into my watercolors. I may artistically choose to refine my palette for a painting series, but I still want all of the colors ever made at my fingertips.
    The books that keep me turning pages and the stories I write focus on compelling and complex characters. Using color, expression, and a warm, playful humor I endeavor to breath life into those indelible characters.

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