• Melissa Miles serves as co-RA for the Southern Breeze region of SCBWI. Her first children’s book, Jeremiah Justice Saves the Day, released in 2019 and features a superhero with a tracheostomy tube. Jeremiah Justice Saves Camp released last year. Proceeds of the books go directly to the nonprofit, Superhero Success Foundation to help raise awareness of kids with special needs through the donation of books (through schools, libraries, hospitals and a camp for kids with tracheostomies) and scholarships. Melissa is a pediatric nurse and a certified K-12 educator.


  • I write because I love it. It is my outlet. I can’t sing, dance, sculpt, or play an instrument. But I can tell a story. In fact, I come from a long line of storytellers who have influenced me, and created a love for weaving together words that entertain and inspire. 

    Just as I’ve wanted to make a difference in my careers as a registered nurse and teacher, I want to write stories that have a positive impact on readers. I welcome constructive criticism and meeting other writers to share this journey with me.