• Michelle
    is the author of picture books and middle-grade titles, both fiction and nonfiction. She
     writes in a restored 1894 one-room schoolhouse. She’s a contributing blogger on The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors. Michelle has
    degrees in special education and speech-language pathology. She loves connecting with young readers and writers at school and library visits, encouraging interest in STEM topics and storytelling. 


  • I’m a preservationist by nature. I wish I could save every crumbling barn, farmhouse, church, or factory I see. I am lucky to have saved one, an 1894 one-room schoolhouse that is now my writing studio. One of my favorite gadgets is a vintage typewriter. To me, everything we write preserves something – a thought for someone else to discover and treasure later, perhaps years later. Letters, notes, journals, stories, books. They’re made of paper, but they may last longer than the brick and mortar, wood-framed, abandoned buildings around us. Like my typewriter and the schoolhouse where children once learned to read and write, maybe my stories will be treasured by a future generation. 

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