• I am an award-winning editorial and children’s book illustrator who works both digitally and traditionally, with a focus on typography and painted line.

    My illustrations and design work have received recognition from the American Graphic Design Awards, Print Magazine, HOW design, BBC UK, Creative Quarterly, Graphis, and the 3 x 3 Illustration Show. I also have illustrations in permanent collections at both the U.S. National Library of Medicine and at the Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University.

    My illustrations are heavily influenced  by my professional background that includes marketing, graphic design, and interactive design, as well as my life as a mom who loves the outdoors. I also have a love for typography, children’s picture books and editorial illustration. I am passionate about making work that fulfills my client’s business’ objectives. I am comfortable following brand style boards and adhering to corporate style guidelines when necessary.

    Although I work independently, I am happy to work closely with your art directors or to discuss projects on a flat-fee basis. If you need me to, I also understand how to complete requests for proposals when you have detailed requirements.

    Please reach out and say hello to discuss your project!


  • My drawings are inspired by my life. Before my son could speak, I found myself drawing to communicate with him. I coupled this with plastering pictures and words all over our walls that would change as he progressed. We have also carried on a regular daily story time (when started in babyhood, we would both lay on our backs and look up at the book.) We also routinely collect second hand books and, at last count, have nearly 400 children’s books. Even with this burgeoning collection, we still love to find an undiscovered treasure at our local library.

    I realized something in our routine clicked when my son could sing his alphabet at 22 months and read his first word just shy of his third birthday. I want to share my work for making early connections in literacy through the images I make and through my blessings as a mom.