• Mollie grew up reading bed-time stories and fairy tales with her mom, who will still read favorite books to her by request. She started drawing at age 4, and her grandmother (also a painter) taught her oil painting at age 7. A middle school English teacher sparked her love for poetry and creative writing. Later on, high school painting class introduced her to her favorite medium – watercolor.

    Now, with a BS in K-12 Art Education from Indiana Wesleyan University, and an MFA in Illustration from the University of Hartford, Mollie teaches high school drawing and painting in Naperville, Illinois. Outside of teaching and coaching, she enjoys free-lance illustration. Her work ranges from calligraphy to illustrative portraits, murals, and children’s book illustration.


  • We all naturally read between the lines.  Whether it be conversations, personal letters, emails, or simply watching people around us; our imaginations fill in what our eyes don’t see and our ears don’t hear.  In a way, this is what illustration is all about: taking a few words and translating them into imagery. As an illustrator working mostly with children’s books, I try to maintain a sense of whimsy that will entertain children, while capturing a bit of irony and humor that will entertain the adults who read to them.

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