• Molly Blaisdell is a dash of fun, mixed in with some smart cookie and a splash of capable.

    She’s the author 30 books for kids, notably REMBRANDT AND THE BOY WHO DREW DOGS (Barron’s), CHICKENS DO NOT TAKE OVER HALLOWEEN (Caney Creek Books) and IF YOU WERE A QUADRILATERAL… (Picture Window Books). She’s also written hundreds of articles for many children’s publications and a few adult ones too. Her YA/NA novel PLUMB CRAZY was previously e-published and  re-released in 2015 under the name Cece Barlow. 

    Molly inspires artists of all kinds with her weekly blog, Seize the Day (mollyblaisdell.blogspot.com).

    She offers fee-based author visits and writing workshops for children and teens. Here is a link for more information about her speaking engagements:


    Molly is a native Texan with a piece of her heart planted in the Pacific Northwest. Currently she lives under the wide open skies of College Station, Texas with her husband Tim and her cats, one evil and one good.


  • Welcome to my corner of SCBWI. Here are some of my thoughts: Write every day. Enjoy what you do. Work hard. These thoughts hum under my breath as I work. What is my work? It’s an expression of my insatiable curiosity. There is nothing more powerful than joining with other creative souls on a lifetime journey. I have made friends across the world as I have joined the struggle to answer the epic questions. I’ve published over thirty books for children so far and want to do more. I have the requisite drawer for manuscripts that were just part of the journey on the way to saying what I mean. Move on from every rejection. Move on from every success. Share your stories. 

    I am happy that you dropped by.

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