• From the age of three, reading has been my passion. Poetry, fiction, biographies, history: I devoured them all and even won a city-wide Read-a-thon for reading the most books in one week. After graduating from Harvard and Oxford, I earned my PhD in Philosophy of Education with a dissertation on literature and moral imagination. I’m the co-author of Sexism and Race (Essential Library) and author of An Invisible Geography, poems of place and displacement. My poetry was also published on YARN, the YA Review Network. My profile of Walter Dean Myers and guide to Here in Harlem was published in Literary Newsmakers. I’ve written teaching guides on Henry James and Machiavelli, and magazine profiles of YA authors. My writing appears in Haiti NoirSpoon River Poetry Review, and The New York Times. poem on my adopted country of Belgium was published on the blog On Being. I live with with my husband near Brussels, within sight of the Forêt de Soignes, a primeval beech forest and UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Crossing borders has been a way of life. I was born in Paris, where my Haitian parents met as graduate students before emigrating to Canada to seek refuge from dictatorship. Later we moved to the US. I created my own interdisciplinary major at Harvard, graduated magna cum laude and went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar; it’s humbling to be part of any group that includes Rachel Maddow.

    My jobs have been mostly with nonprofits and universities. One of my favorites was helping match grassroots organizations with funders. Another was being the artist facilitator for a nonprofit that helped artists with disabilities.

    Crossing borders has shown me the ebb and flow of people and places: the unbreakable spirit of my parents’ homeland, the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, the boundless sky of the Sahel, the glittering San Francisco Bay, Stockholm’s Gamla Stan, the lavender fields of the Luberon, the hardwood hills of Southern Indiana, the lushness of Key West, and the silver horizon where Portugal’s Douro River meets the Atlantic.

    Now my husband and I live near Brussels, around the corner from a royal museum where Africans were once displayed as exhibits. Our street divides the French and Flemish regions. Its name: The Street of the Border.

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