• I was born in 1981 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. When I was a
    child, I asked my sisters and parents to read me a story books with pictures.
    Also I used to like draw the pictures by my hands.  So I decided to be a illustrator.  When I graduated from secondary school in 1998, I entered at Mongolian Fine Art Institute and graduated
    from the institute.

    I had been working as a children book illustrator at
    children book Publication Company since 2005.

    From 2005
    to 2009, I have illustrated
    on many children stories, tales and knowledge books.  Since 2009, I had been as an editor at the
    previous publication company. In 2012, I had decided to work by myself in
    Mongolian children books field with my friends. Since that time still now I
    have been working on toddlers, early reader’s knowledge books.