• I started painting following a serious auto accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down.  As I was recovering in the hospital, an occupational therapist bandaged a brush to my forearm (I couldn’t even grasp it) and said, “paint!”  While I never received a formal art education, my life has been surrounded by art ever since.
    Although I have made a remarkable recovery, I still face numerous daily physical challenges as a result of my spinal cord injury and related side effects.  In order to prevent further pain and injury, I paint with a kitchen timer, stopping every 15-20 minutes to get up, stretch, ice or lie down.  For that reason, my paintings reveal themselves slowly, over time.  Each completed piece of art is a small victory, for which I am filled with gratitude.
    Hearing the story of how I became an artist, people often say they are amazed by what I have “overcome.”  But I did not “rise above ” my disabilities, I live with them.  I do not make art in spite of  my pain, but rather along side it.  I have found that having a disciplined spiritual life is essential for me when creating new works of art.  
    I am a 2017 recipient of the SOS Tompkins Grant (Special Opportunities Stipend), a program of the Community Arts Partnership, Tompkins County NY Art’s Council (CAP.)
    In 2008 I was honored with the “New Emerging Artist” award at the Community School of Music & Arts in Ithaca, NY. I am a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and the Ithaca Fair-weather Painters.
    I am currently Illustrating a children’s book written by a family member. This is my first time working in children’s book illustration.  I live in Ithaca NY with my wife Lisa and our two dogs.


  •  As a former nanny, and auntie to 23 nieces and nephews, I’ve enjoyed plenty of reading to children.  I love picture books with bright, colorful illustrations, with hidden jokes and surprises for both readers and listeners.  I’m inspired by the children in my life who look at the world with humor and wonder.  As a water color painter, I strive to create vibrant, playful illustrations that open up imaginary worlds where anything is possible.  It’s also important to me that any child can identify with the characters I create regardless of their race, gender, class or ability.  Therefore, I work to develop illustrations which are inclusive, diverse and affirming,

    When I’m not painting, you can find me  walking my dogs, puttering in the garden or enjoying gentle yoga and meditation.