• Born in Innsbruck, Austria, I was raised with lots of pencils and books in several languages. After university, I moved to Luxembourg, where I worked as a translator. In 2011, I started to take classes in drawing and water color painting, which lead me to kidlit. I realized that I wanted to create children’s books, something that I had dreamt of ever since I was a child.
    Now, I illustrate stories and picture books for preschool kids. My first picture book for the Luxembourg based publisher Editions Guy Binsfeld is about a forest kindergarten and is written in Lëtzebuergesch, one of the three national languages in Luxembourg. The book will be published in autumn 2018.

    Other activities are drawing workshops and lectures for children held in my town Esch/Alzette.


  • I illustrate mostly children from toddler to school age, nature and animals on a background of the everyday life.
    My illustrations are figurative and rather realistic, with a touch of nostalgia.
    Usually, I do an ink and pen drawing, finishing it with light layers of watercolor.
    I love the craft of it, choosing the nib and the ink, mixing my own colors from a very restrained palette.
    Several exhibitions with my personal work were organized in Luxembourg and other european countries.

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