• Pamela Dell has published more than 70 books for young people, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as content in a wide range of other media. Although she has also published short fiction in respected literary journals for adult readers, her passion is fiction for young people. 

    As well as other works of fiction, Pamela authored the 12-book Scrapbooks of America series of historical fiction for middle grade readers and since 2008 has written a monthly fictional series called “Doodlebug & Dandelion” for Spider Magazine, part of the long-established and highly respected Cricket Magazine Group. She’s also the author of middle grade fiction posted on the Chicago History Museum’s website as part of its educational content for young people. 
    With an ongoing interest in transmedia storytelling, Pamela was the author of the multiple award-winning “Rockett” series of narrative fictional CD-rom games for preteen girls from Purple Moon, an interactive game company sold to Mattel in 2000. Before this purchase, Scholastic, Inc., licensed these Purple Moon properties to create Rockett’s Friendship Adventures, a middle grade series based on the characters, storylines, and scripts Pamela created. She also served as editorial consultant on the book series. 
    Pamela has also written fictional content for a number of other companies involved in developing interactive multimedia for kids. Some of these include Warner Bros., Vivendi/Knowledge Adventure, and Beacon Street Girls. As part of her work for Knowledge Adventure, Pamela wrote further diary entries for several of the titles in Scholastic’s Dear America book series, which was licensed for the award-winning CD-rom game of the same name. Pamela also teaches fiction writing and works as a freelance editor of book manuscripts for young people.