• As a first-generation American daughter of immigrant parents (from two different continents), I learned English by reading library books. There, sitting on the library floor sounding out words from Peanuts comic books, I also learned about personal empowerment. *  It’s no surprise to those who know me today that nothing is more important to me now than supporting the expansion of human greatness.  I do this by putting loving attention on our children through the vehicle of shared storytelling. * Several years ago, I quit my corporate career to help my mother die. And one of the gifts she gave me in return was the gift of time. While I sat with her, I finally stopped rushing around–and I wrote and wrote. Slowly, I realized that my love for the purity of children’s hearts and my love of writing and illustrating had shifted me towards my true calling. * I dedicated the rest of my life to this, the best of all
    careers–children’s author/illustrator. My chosen platform is to support
    the expansion of human greatness by creating beautiful kidlit books that have a diverse lead hero/ine (LGBTQ+ and multiple


  • As an emerging author-illustrator, I’ve gotten great feedback on my manuscript and am turning my full attention to the visual aspect of my stories.  I am a self-taught illustrator with a love of realism as you can see by my line-rendered cat, but love love love combining techniques using cut paper and collage. First I render traditionally, then I scan to put finishing touches (or edits) digitally.  To me the visual part of the story is equally important to my prose.