•      Rachel Eugster’s picture book The Pocket Mommy was released by Random House Canada (Tundra Books) on August 6, 2013.
         Rachel is also the author of Beans and Other Pulses, Fruits, Grains and Cereals, Seeds and Nuts, and Vegetables, published by Franklin Watts as the Ingredients of a Balanced Diet series.
         A former editor of Walking magazine, Rachel works as a freelance writer and editor on publications for both children and adults. While she has edited nearly every form she can think of, from fiction to poetry to medical journals to architectural writings, she particularly enjoys editing the manuscripts of fellow writers for children.
         Rachel also enjoys a parallel career as an actor, singer, and music director, and is a founding member of Bear & Co. and Dragon’s Tea Trio.


  • I write for the same reason I perform, for the same reason that I knit or make bread: to make something out of nothing that I can offer to you—the reader, the audience member, the wearer, the friend at my table.

    Admittedly, my books, my performances, my sweaters or socks, and my loaves don’t truly arise from nothing. All are fashioned from elemental ingredients, worked on by my hands, voice, body, imagination, combined or presented or contrived as something new. I offer not the invention of bread, but the freshness of this loaf, hot out of the oven, which has never existed before, and honors in its shape and flavor all the loaves that came before it.

    My perpetual hope is that the results will be exciting or comforting or intriguing—or that they will answer some need or question you hadn’t known you harbored.

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