• I grew up near Buffalo New York in a family chock full of musicians, artists, and crazy people with a love for life. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon and never stopped. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an artist. To that end I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art from Messiah College with a concentration in Drawing and Illustration, and completed coursework from the Tyler School of Art. I worked for nine years as an artist and designer before returning to my first love: children’s book illustration. My experience includes illustrating children’s books, teaching art at the Chesapeake Center for Creative Arts and local schools, and authoring or illustrating more than 22 books. I am the Co-Regional Advisor for the Maryland, Delaware West Virginia SCBWI Region, and I have mentored with EB Lewis.

    I now live, and work, from my home studio in Maryland and enjoy spending time with my husband and four young children. To contact me please email me at: rebecca@rebeccaevans.net


  • Most of us hold tightly to a memory of our favorite bedtime story, snuggled safe and warm in Mommy’s lap. When I illustrate, I reach for that memory, draw it close to wrap it into line and color. Each stroke of the brush is an invisible thread to cast wide and catch my readers. I strive to infuse the mundane with the magical, the real with the daydream, to open the door for each child to step into a world of what-if. The real world will close in all too soon to drown the what-if’s in the what-is-not. My job is to catch those what-if’s, those hidden fairies, dancing dragons, upside-down robots, talking trucks and friendly tigers—the possibilities that a child sees—and lay them down on paper. I find it a privilege to help shape a memory, inspire a dream, to have any part in even one childhood. 


    I use traditional media, pencil, ink, watercolor and paper to capture the world as a child might see it. My goal is to share in that special moment that happens between parent and child when word and picture meet to inspire a memory that will be shared with future generations.

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