• Hi! I’m Becky Gehrisch. I enjoy working with colored pencils, acrylic paints and chalk pastels.
    My illustrations are influenced by my own childhood, my children’s perspective, and the countryside where I live.

    I have served as the Illustrator Coordinator for the Central and Southern Ohio SCBWI.

    Thank you for taking a moment to explore my art.


  • Picture books inspired me when I was a child. I would immerse myself in the pictures, soaking in the colors. I would reenact the stories that my parents read, becoming a child with a magical Christmas bell, a little critter, and a wild thing, to name a few.

    Today, my illustrations create new worlds for children to explore. Acrylics, pastels, and colored pencils infuse my art with vibrant energy. I employ an array of styles and subjects that will appeal to children.

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