• I drew my first banana at 18 months. This work inspired me to follow a life of art making, storytelling and meaning of life questioning by becoming a graphic designer/illustrator in the advertising industry and then teaching design and humanities units at Universities and Colleges in WA and Queensland.

    Two beautiful daughters later, I decided I liked children after all and became a primary teacher. My students have been keen to follow my journey as an emerging author/illustrator, through the manuscripts rejections, the weeping and gnashing of teeth, the dusting off and the stepping up again. It’s certainly been a learning curve for all.

    As a printmaker, I also create hand tinted etchings and show students how to celebrate those ‘happy accidents’ that always happen when experimenting with mark making, because after all, mistakes are really just part of learning.

    I still like bananas.


  • The true art of a picture book is to leave some meanings unsaid; imbedded in elements like line, texture, colour, and shape. Finding that idea, that sign, is like solving a tricky puzzle. Visual literacy is a skill to be learned and helps children to make sense of their world.

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