• Shortlisted for the 2015 International Rubery
    Book Award, my debut novel, Glassmusic, was released from Conundrum Press (now an
    imprint of Bower House Books) in 2014. I was awarded the 2015 Robert and Daryl
    Davis Fellowship in Poetry, and my poems and creative nonfiction have appeared
    in Progenitor, Rattle, and elsewhere. I have an MFA from
    the University of Montana in fiction and poetry. My story as a former adjunct
    instructor was featured in the Guardian in September 2017. I
    am queer, a proud mother, and a lover of the outdoors.

    I am near completion of a speculative novel for
    young adults set in the Cascade Mountains. My brother, Michael
    Snow, created the original story and helped develop the plot while I wrote
    the manuscript. I taught English in higher education for thirteen years,
    and for the past two years, I was in Alaska working on my writing and as the
    admissions coordinator for a mental health facility. Originally from Seattle, I
    recently relocated to my home state to be near my family.


  • I hope my writing fosters an appreciation for diversity and the creative imagination. Sources of inspiration include Toni Morrison, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Marilynne Robinson. I believe my current project adds a unique and original take on the speculative world and its characters. Young adults today need a well-crafted story of a female protagonist outwitting monsters, discovering she herself is part monster, and learning the power of connection with both monsters and humans through adversity, magic, and love.


    My goal in my first as well as my current novel has been to feature a female protagonist coming of age, navigating through trauma, and finding her own strength. In my own life, I have survived both physical and psychological trauma from a car accident as well as domestic violence, which has left me partially disabled yet empowered from recovering way beyond what the doctors thought possible.


    Aspects of writing I consider important and have worked on honing over the years include lyrical yet concise and simple prose, character development in a close third-person voice, and narrative structure. I also continue to write and publish poetry and hope to complete a collection for publication.


     Apart from necessary solitude as well as time and energy to focus on writing, I enjoy participating in the literary community. I teach a local writing workshop and hope to provide readings, book talks, and additional workshops as I reestablish myself in the beautiful landscape of this area.


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