• Bonjour,

    From what I can remember I have always been interested in art.
    grew up in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and spent my childhood pouring
    over Franco-Belgian comics, my first source of inspiration.

    In 2007 I graduated from a graphic design school in Clermont-Ferrand, France and later moved to Seattle in 2011.

    Seattle helped me develop my art,
    It’s where I discovered the underground comics scene and got inspired by many talented artists.
    in Seattle, my style became a combination of the European “Bande
    dessinée” with the more graphic and raw style of the alternative comics
    Scene. During these years, I became a father of twin boys. Raising my
    kids helped me realize the importance of education and the presence of a
    meaningful message in my art. I have since taken a new direction in my
    work, as a Children’s book illustrator where those qualities of
    education and meaning can be shared with our youth. I am passionate
    about the ways in which art can facilitate conversations about the human
    experience, with young children to our oldest generations.

    2017 I moved to Bellingham, WA, with my partner. I am working as a
    Freelance Illustrator and teaching art to younger kids while also
    working to publish picture books.

    If I am not sitting drawing at my table, Erin and I are likely getting lost outside, and sketching the world that surrounds us.

    would be very happy to answer any questions about my work and technique
    whether you are interested for commission or a curious artist who wants
    to learn more about my art.

    I hope to see you soon.



  • Whoever can draw bricks can draw a city. -Ernest R Norling-