• I’ve been a full time illustrator since 1980 and have seen the world of publishing change from ink and paper to ink, paper and digital as my journey continues. I broke into illustration when I lived in New York City, and I have had the privilege of studying at Parsons New School, the School of Visual Arts and with various private teachers to learn my skills. Computers weren’t on the scene when I started, another chapter of my careers journey altogether! Because of classes I took through the Graphic Artists Guild while living in NYC, And the revolving door syndrome when taking my portfolio to publishers for ( hopefully) jobs…I eventually learned ” the ropes”. I’ve done trade, mass market, religious, educational, magazines and auxiliary products for the classroom. Presently, I also license my work for products, have had an article published in the magazine, Cloth Papaer Scissors and continue to study writing.


  • Illustration and writing are soul food for me. I need to be creating, thinking about areas that I love to explore in order to create something wonderful to offer the world. I believe children’s books are an introduction to the world of imagination, learning, literature and a way for all children to explore the world from their own home.

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