• Hello! Welcome to SCBWI Long Island. I’m RM Rivera, Illustrator Coordinator for our chapter. I’ve been living in New York for twenty-four years. I’m a professional illustrator, graphic designer, artist, book designer, and writer. I’m also the Designer for Kid LIt News, SCBWI Long Island’s quarterly newsletter.

    I’ve been an SCBWI member for a long time and I have illustrated two children’s books. Hal, the Hamptons Hound and the Case of the Missing Puppies, written by children’s book author, Susan Abrahams. The second book is a chapter books, written by JoAnn Vergona Krapp, titled Missing Treasure Means Trouble.


  • Since I was a child I love creating art. During my formative years, my parents taught my sibling and me the love of reading, and encouraged us to paint and draw. Our public library in our home town, was my safe haven, as I read picture books, early chapter books, and middle grade novels. The art and words were magical to me.

    And, now in this social media age of apps and digital books, children’s books are still popular, and more than ever! Creating quality children’s books is my mission in life and help foster a new generation of book creators and readers. 

    Please contact me with your suggestions, feedback, and comments, or email if you want to say, “Hi!” We have a lot of great programming to help our members achieve their goals and help them get their books to children.

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