• Rodney is a strong advocate for reading and children’s issues. Originally from a land of white sand beaches and hospitality, he walked to the beach everyday to watch the sunset. After retiring from the US Coast Guard, he currently resides in Winchester, VA with his wonderful wife, children and dog, Buddy.

    He is the author of The Magical Flatulent Pumpkin Series, a humorous ‘How To’ collection for readers on building courage and solving their problems. Rodney wanted to teach his children about character, courage, discipline and the warrior within. So he used his humorous storytelling skills at dinnertime to teach his children.


  • Nothing’s better than seeing a child captured by a book. My sole artistic purpose is crafting new experiences which capture the mind as it sneaks in important lessons. My stories are character lessons wrapped in fun.

    This is the way the reading experience should be and children love it!