• Russell F. Hirsch is an author of MG and YA fantasy fiction. Based in Vancouver, Canada, he blogs about books at Storythreads and has degrees in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature from the University of British Columbia. When not reading and writing, he enjoys tying knots, patting mossy trees, and being an armchair quarterback.

    Check out his website russellfhirsch.com or follow him on twitter @russellfhirsch


  • I strive to write books that are exciting, imaginative, and intelligent, and I believe in the power of stories to centre kids in both the experience of reading and the enchantment of being alive.

    Fantasy has always captivated me. I enjoy the classics like Lewis, Tolkien, and Susan Cooper; the newer classics like Rowling and Pullman; and many current authors including Kenneth Oppel, Rachel Hartman, and Maggie Stiefvater.