• Attended Stony Brook University pursuing a Bachelors in Studio Art. After two years of learning how to classically use a number of different traditional mediums to create art, transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

    At FIT acquired both an Associates (2007) and Bachelors (2009) degree in Illustration.
    Acquired job experience in fields ranging from retail sales, management, custodial, secretarial and currently computer technology, to help keep all the assorted expenses that come with life managed while pursuing her artistic goals. 


  • Samantha Hernandez is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist currently residing in the South Shore of Long Island.  Having trained in both digital and traditional art formats, Samantha creates and outputs a wide range of art.

    Since acquiring her Bachelors in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology almost five years ago, Samantha has illustrated a number of eBooks for independent authors.  She also has been subcontracted to create licensed art materials with recognizable characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Angelina Ballerina. 

    On her own, she has written, illustrated, and self-published four of her own eBooks. Most recently, she has self published her first two paperback children’s books. She is currently learning the ropes of the distribution process, as well as how one goes about marketing ones self in this field as an independent author.

    By the end of this year, she hopes to have two more books ready for release: the third installment of her comic eBook, and two more children’s book to be made available as both eBooks and paperbacks. 

    When she is not pursuing her dreams of illustrating children’s book, Samantha works as a freelance portraitist, painter, and a graphic designer for a number of small companies around the country.