• Here’s the clean, shiny version:

    Sandy Steen Bartholomew is an author, illustrator, mixed-media artist, cartoonist, and a Certified Zentangle┬« Teacher, creative single mom, grown-up gifted-kid and major introvert. She graduated from RISD, ’92/IL and recently got her MFA in Applied Cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies. She runs an art studio (Beez Ink) and an Etsy shop (Bumblebat). Her life looks like a Zentangle! 

    Sandy lives with her two kids and a cat in their colorful, mixed-media house in New Hampshire.

    Visit her website for samples of her work and inspiration: www.SandySteenBartholomew.com 
    or her blog: www.BeezInTheBelfry.com 
    to see what she is up to lately.

    And here is the grungier reality:

    Although I intended to be Indiana Jones when I grew up, I dropped out of archaeology when I discovered I’d have to learn not only French, German and Arabic, but hieratic, demotic hierogyphics and 1920’s scholarly British. 

    I really just liked to draw the glyphs! So I went to art school. Two art schools. Where I learned to draw like other people and completely forgot who I was or wanted to be. I did freelance illustration for years, started and sold a rubber stamp company. Started another one. Started a very cool store called Wingdoodle. Got certified to teach Zentangle. Taught Zentangle. Wrote a whole bunch of books. And now I am starting over completely – I’m going back to school for my Masters in Applied Cartooning.


  • I am inspired by juicy, jewel-tones and rusty-crusty, peeling, earth-covered things. Magic, mystery, and weird little creatures. If it sits still, I’ll paint it. Literally.

    When I do venture out of my bat-cave, I enjoy overwhelming people with possibilities, laughing until it hurts, and drawing on walls.